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The Spielerhof.

Our place of work and life since 1642.

Probably one of the oldest families

High up on the sunny Mirnock slope, this is certainly the family of farmer Andreas Schaller. Since 1642, 11 generations have managed the farm to this day.

Until 1781 they bore the name Spieler, which changed to Possegger due to a female succession, and finally changed to Schaller in 1866 for the same reason.

Preserving tradition

The farmhouse is still in the same location as it always was, and only a few additions have been made to the house and outbuildings over the years. Wood still dominates the building on the estate, which is situated at over 1,200 m above sea level, just as it did more than 370 years ago.

With much love for their piece of earth

In both good and challenging times, the family has maintained this attitude to their farm.