Holidays at the Spielerhof.

Holiday between mountain and lake.

Original. Simple. Cordial.

At the end of the public road, high above Lake Millstätter See, lies the mountain farm of the Schaller family. A feeling of having arrived sets in as soon as you open the car door. No need to hurry, just sit down on the inviting wooden bench in front of the house and let your gaze wander into the distance. The constant companion of every corner of the 400-year-old farmhouse: the beautiful panorama of the Carinthian mountains and the Millstätter See embedded in it.

Experience the farm life live.

The cows are being milked, the chickens are being fed and the young cats are already waiting to be stroked and given fresh milk. Just around the corner the tractor turns on its way to mow. And look: the clumsy little calf is just taking its first steps. First thing in the morning you meet Karin Schaller at her alpine herb garden. Her extensive knowledge of the effects of herbs and the creation of "green cosmetics" is her passion. A look over her shoulder is worthwhile.

Self-sufficiency in the rhythm of nature.

At the Spielerhof, all products that are needed for daily needs are produced by the farm itself. On the organic farm many delicacies are served, which are provided by nature in the annual cycle. The nutrient-rich drinking water comes directly from the mountain spring of the Mirnock. The forests around the farm provide the wood for the heat and are also building material. Ever seen how a tree trunk becomes a board? Then you should take the chance and watch Andreas and Otto Schaller working at the farm's own sawmill.