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Herbal pleasure for all senses.

Green cosmetics workshop

Lavender, rosemary, St. John's wort and many other wild herbs can be found right next to the farm in Karin Schaller's little natural herb paradise. They are used in many ways on the farm - as food to refine dishes, freshly picked as food or dried as a spice.

However, the true passion of the qualified herbal expert and "green cosmetics" teacher lies in cosmetic processing and the use of wild herbs in gentle natural medicine. On the basis of special training, ancestral knowledge passed down and a great attachment to nature, the individual herbs are processed into ointments, tinctures and oils. Not only the blossoms are used, but also the leaves or rhizomes. Know how. Often special alpine and meadow herbs are added.

Mother Nature's pharmacy cabinet has a remedy for every mood. However, caution is advised with poisonous gifts. Not every herb is suitable for everyone and also not for every type of use. In addition, it often depends on the respective quantity and also the combination of the different herbs.

Karin Schaller's herb garden is located directly on the Mirnock Kneipp Panorama Trail. You are welcome to take a look when you walk past.

Karin Schaller is happy to pass on her extensive knowledge of cosmetics made from natural raw materials (ointments, bath cosmetics, soaps, oils) in her own workshops. Participants are always amazed and enthusiastic about how easy and inexpensive it is to produce their own sustainable green cosmetics.

Dates: Tuesdays in the morning

Registration: +43 650 6930870 (until Monday morning)

Location: Spielerhof

Duration: approx. 2 - 3 hours

Content: Preliminary discussion, gathering of herbs incl. subsequent processing into 3-4 products incl. recipes.

Price: € 29,00 per person